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Who Are We

If it's not Ajanti, what is it?

Donavon King, born in Brooklyn, New York and raised throughout different parts of the state, created Ajanti out of his infatuation with fashion and the endless possibilities that accessories grant us. Each collection is curated by the expansion of each one of these possibilities.

King wanted to be real and honest in his approach, never hesitating to scrap the ideas that he felt were not true to himself and given the utmost attention to detail. From material to packaging, reiterating and evolving over multiple cycles has produced the signature pieces, Kyla and Chéri. The bag and tote that would be considered no less than original, versatile, and present. 


The name has no literal translation, conceptually it is a mix between black culture and the highest standard of luxury fashion, which has been dissected and dynamically curated in France for centuries. "Ajanti" is a name that is Black in essence, a name among many that are often viewed as boorish and unprofessional. "Velliât" is French in origin, encompassing fashion; sumptuous in nature and practicality. The name emulates King's interpretation of black luxury fashion. Ajanti Velliât. It is to be stated and claimed proudly.

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